Dom Kofe
  • Knock-box Barista


    A knock box is an irreplaceable thing in every cafe or bar where professionals make coffee.

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  • Descaling agent Dom Kofe


    Dom Kofe proprietary remedy for descaling from coffee makers.


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  • Glass Kids cappuccino


    Glass  Kids cappuccino  For cups children, milk or cocoa. The thick walls of the glacier, thanks to long thick walls, retain warm and pleasant glossy surface texture. Thanks to the exercise and shape, it is ideal for milk and cocoa. – Material: glass. – Volume: 250 ml.

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  • Descaling Agent Dom Kofe (50 g)


    Carefully clean the water path of your coffee machine from scale.
    Affordable cost.
    Water soluble powder.
    Suitable for both automatic coffee machines and carob manual coffee makers.
    One jar – for one cleaning.

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