Nivona NICR 690


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What is Nivona?

Nivona is a German-Swiss brand that was founded in 2005. It manufactures coffee machines for the home, office and Horeca sector.

The quality of the machines of this brand and the taste of the perfectly prepared coffee made by them soon became known all over the world. Dim Kava users can only buy in our network in Georgia.

The 6th series machines have added the “My Coffee” function, which will allow you to save your favorite recipes of 5 different drinks.

Adjust the volume, strength and temperature of the coffee, brew 2 cups together and enjoy your favorite coffee every day.

German quality guarantees that the device will serve you for a long time and faithfully.


Coffee machine type: Automatic
Amount of thermal blocks: 1
Tablet pre-plugging function: √
Preparing two cups at once: √
Cup height adjustment: √
Automatic cleaning of the milk system: √
Plaque cleaning program: √
Removable cooking block: √
Eco mode: √
Control of the amount of water and grain: √
TFT screen: √
Pressure: 15 bar
Water container volume: 2.2 liters
Capacity of grain container: 0.25 grams
Adjustment of the volume of the drink: 3 levels
Flour adjustment: 3 levels
Hot water adjustment: 3 levels
Color: Black
Material: ABS plastic
Weight: 8 kg
Country of manufacture: Portugal


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