Melitta Barista T Smart Silver


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With the Melitta® Connect app, you can control many of the device’s functions via your smartphone. For example, settings can be used to control, store and program the “My Coffee Profiles” feature. The special advantage of this application is that you can create drinks according to your own recipes.

You can prepare 4 classic drinks: Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato at the touch of a button. The “recipe book” function also allows you to create 14 different types, such as flat white, ristretto or doppio espresso.

What sets this model apart from others is its bean container, which has 2 compartments, so you can use two different types of beans. In addition, the lid of the container is made with a special technology that hermetically stores the grain and protects its aroma. In addition, to make your daily coffee routine even more diverse, a function has been added, through which you can also prepare a drink with ground coffee.

“My coffee” storage function – makes using the machine even easier and more convenient. You won’t need to enter your favorite recipes every time you decide to grab a cup of coffee. The main thing is to save it once and prepare the desired drink with your favorite recipe every time with one click of the button.

The feature that sets this machine apart from others is the preparation of coffee in the Italian way. The vast majority of machines prepare cappuccino and latte with the same system – espresso is poured into the glass first, and then milk is added. This sequence is wrong in the case of latte and this is the feature that the developers added to the machine.

Thanks to the noiseless grinder made of stainless steel, you can enjoy coffee early in the morning when everyone at home is sleeping or when colleagues have a meeting.

Due to its sophisticated design, multi-functionality and simplicity, Melitta Barista T Smart will surely become a favorite member of your family or team.

Product type: automatic espresso machine

Coffee Menu: Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Hot Water, Americano Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Caffè Latte, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Flat White, Ristretto, Hot Milk, Hot Water, Lungo, Americano, Café Creme, Dopio

Works on beans and ground coffee: Yes

Amount of drinks prepared simultaneously: 1 or 2

Coffee grinder: cone-shaped made of stainless steel

Amount of grinder: 1

Adjustment of coffee flour: 5 levels

Adjustment of coffee strength: 5 levels

Maximum height of the dispenser: 140 mm

Water temperature regulation: 3 levels

Amount of grain container: 2

Grain container capacity: 2x135

Water tank volume: 1.8 l

Storage for coffee tablets: 10 tablets

Display: Touch TFT color display

Additional functions: cup lighting, aroma preservation control, sound insulation, active control of the amount of beans, coffee bean selection, cup warming stand, built-in Bluetooth for Melitta® Connect

Tech. Service programs: system cleaning program, decalcification program, automatic flushing of the system, automatic flushing of the milk system, setting of water hardness

Material: ABS plastic

Power: 1450 watts

Pressure: 15 bar

Dimensions (length/height/width): 25.90 cm x 37.20 cm x 46.70 cm

Weight: 10.4 kg


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