Melitta Barista Smart TS Black


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Melitta Barista Smart TS Black is the only representative of similar coffee machines in which the criteria of the drink can be changed during the preparation process. You can change the recipes given in the varied menu according to your taste.

The distinctive detail of the Melitta Barista Smart TS Black is its cappuccino maker, which makes milky drinks like a virtuoso, and the sleek stainless steel body also sets it apart from other cappuccino makers in terms of design.

In the device, you can open several profiles and save your favorite coffee recipe. In addition, Melitta Caffeo CI ensures the correct preparation of all drinks, including the correct order of adding ingredients. A two-part coffee bean container will further diversify your daily routine. With it, you can enjoy grains of different roasting and composition. In addition, the cap of the grinder, made with new technology, ensures long-term preservation of the aroma of grains.

Type: automatic coffee machine
Coffee to be used: ground, bean
Power: 1400V
Water reservoir volume: 1.8 l
Pressure: 15 b
Functions: adjustable coffee strength, temperature adjustment, fast steam, pre-dissolving tablet
Water hardness adjustment: Yes
Automatic preparation of milk drinks: yes
Making two cups at once: Yes
Control system: touch screen
Dimensions (length/height/width): 26x35x47 cm
Weight: 9.3 kg


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