Gaggia Cadorna Prestige


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Productive and multifunctional Italian automated coffee machine with proprietary OptiAroma technology for making high-quality espresso and an impressive range of drinks based on it. The manufacturer is positioning itself as a product of the middle price category from the 2019 line, focused on active use in a home or small office kitchen. Can work with grain and ground coffee. It is able to fully automate all stages of preparation (grinding, pressing the ground mass, pre-wetting it, heating water, brewing, whipping milk foam, feeding foam into espresso). The Gaggia Cadorna Prestige coffee maker is equipped with a built-in automated cappuccinatore with a standard milk tank. The user only needs to activate the appropriate program and, after about a minute, pick up a cup of fragrant invigorating drink. There is a special automatic program for cleaning the milk supply path. High cooking speed is ensured by a powerful flowing thermoblock (1900 W) and a reliable Italian Ulka pump (up to 15 bar). In addition to coffee and coffee drinks, it can separately dispense milk foam or hot water (approx. 90 °C) for brewing tea. A digital control system with a color graphic LED display allows you to adjust the strength, volume and temperature of the finished drink. There are 4 profiles for remembering user settings.

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Automatic preparation of cappuccino



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