DeLonghi ECAM 370.95 T Dinamica Plus


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Coffee from a professional

Imagine that when you buy DeLonghi ECAM 370.95 T Dinamica Plus, you are not buying an automatic espresso machine, but a professional barista who will prepare your favorite drinks at any time and in unlimited quantities. To taste the ideal espresso, lungo, americano, ristretto, latte or cappuccino, you don’t need to take care of the exact observance of recipes and other nuances, the machine itself will do it. You also have the opportunity to deviate from the traditional flavors, experiment and enjoy new coffee flavors, and save the recipes in the device.

Power + speed

The more powerful the coffee machine, the faster it prepares coffee and the more functions it can use. The power of DeLonghi ECAM 370.95 T Dinamica Plus is 1450 watts, and its pressure reaches 19 bar. In addition, the device consumes electrical energy only in the process of coffee preparation, although it also comes out of “sleep” mode in seconds.

Touch control

The device’s LCD touch screen not only looks stylish, but also makes it much easier to use. In addition to making coffee, you can easily access the menu, adjust the function or coffee recipe you want. At the same time, the device remembers statistically the most frequently prepared drinks and displays them first on the screen when turned on.

Mobile application

Among other things, this model of dynamics also has a mobile application, which makes its use even easier and faster.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 50 × 44 × 48 cm
Automatic preparation of cappuccino


Beverage menu + advanced settings


Possibility to cook from grains


Possibility to cook on ground coffee


Country of origin



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