De’Longhi Cups MIX (60ml/190ml/220ml) (6 pcs.)



A set of cups for various drinks:

2 cups for espresso (60 ml)
2 cups for cappuccino (190 ml)
2 cups for latte macchiato (220 ml)

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Sets of glasses for coffee drinks can be bought in our online store always and in different versions. And in this kit all three available positions are included at once: DeLonghi Espresso glasses of 60 ml, DeLonghi Cappuccino 190 ml and the most capacious – Latte Macchiato 220 ml. Whatever method of making coffee you prefer, it’s worth making a rule to drink this drink from the “correct”, that is, the most convenient glasses. The fact is that the capacity of each version of the glasses was not chosen randomly, but in accordance with the unwritten standard, which states that, for example, classic espresso is prepared in portions of 30-40 ml., And latte macchiato is served in glasses of 220 ml. observing a proportion of 1 to 3 (water, coffee and milk).

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