Gaggia GD 2GR El-rosso


10 732.95 8 586.36


Automatic and manual water pumping in the boiler
Vibration pump
Separate tap for hot water supply
2 steam supply valves
Water level sensor in boiler
Pressure meter
The top panel of the machine is heated, which allows you to dry or warm up the cups
Tray for collection of drops
Easy access to detail
Additional characteristics:

Productivity per hour:
Espresso: 240 cups of 50 ml
Cappuccino: 160 cups of 150 ml
Hot water: 90 cups of 150 ml
Capacity of heating cups: 0.18 kW

The automatic coffee machine Gaggia GD 2GR is used in offices, in catering and trade establishments for the preparation of espresso, americano, cappuccino and latte. The model is equipped with a high-performance brewing mechanism, guaranteeing the production of the maximum number of portions while maintaining a high level of quality of drinks. The equipment is made of high quality ABS plastic.

Additional information

Weight 75 kg


Color of coffeemachine



Stainless steel

Country of origin


Pump pressure, bar



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