Anti-limescale spheres DeLonghi DLSC 551



Анти-известковые гранулы DeLonghi DLSC 551 подходит для кофеварок и кофемашин.

As you know, one of the most serious problems faced by coffee makers, kettles or coffee machines is scale. Sooner or later it appears inevitably and begins to negatively affect the entire device, and especially on parts that are constantly in the water. The worse the quality of the water, the faster. Well, the quality of water in the city water supply always leaves much to be desired! DeLonghi has developed a universal product to prevent the appearance of scale on the inner surface of household coffee machines and coffee makers. Its patented formula allows you to effectively deal with scale even at the formation stage. Thus, significantly prolonging the service life of parts that are constantly in contact with water. The main feature of the product is the method of exposure based on the principle of biocatalization: biological, chemically neutral substances remove scale, but do not have any side effect on water. Thus, the quality of the beverage prepared in the coffee machine or coffee machine using the preparation does not change. The set includes 2 such packages at once. The tool is fully compatible with any type of filters installed in modern coffee makers. The use of granules is very simple – you need to place the bag in a container of water. The effect of one such packet of granules lasts about 3-4 months, then it should be replaced. You can buy DeLonghi DLSC 551 anti-lime pellets on the website of our official online store, either separately or together with your new DeLonghi coffee machine or coffee machine.


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