• DeLonghi EPAM 960.75.GLM

    8 500.00
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  • DeLonghi PrimaDonna Soul ECAM610.75.MB

    4 385.15

    Delonghi PrimaDonna Soul? interface

    Large 4.3-inch screen, responsive and very comfortable to use. The drink icons are made in a photorealistic style, and all the main processes are animated: you seem to be watching a coffee blockbuster, in the main role of which is your cup of coffee!

    Even more possibilities are provided by the Delonghi Coffee Link app, available for iOS and Android. The De`Longhi PrimaDonna Soul coffee machine can be controlled remotely via the Coffee Link app and create new recipes with complete freedom of action,

    PrimaDonna Soul is a new generation of De`Longhi’s automatic coffee machines, capable of giving you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite drinks, prepared just the way you like. It can be a decoration for your home kitchen, an image part of a manager’s office, or increase the productivity of a small office.

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  • DeLonghi ECAM 370.95 T Dinamica Plus

    3 237.65

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  • Delonghi Eletta Explore Titanium ECAM450.86.T

    3 229.15

    (ქართული) აღმოაჩინეთ ახალი გემოები და გახადეთ თქვენი ყოველი დილა კრეატიული ცხელი ყავის, ცივი ყავის და ყავის სხვა საოცარი რეცეპტების მეშვეობით, ჩვენი ახალი, სრულიად ავტომატური ყავის აპარატი იდეალური არჩევანისა ყავის გურმანებისთვის.

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  • Delonghi La Specialista Maestro – Cold Brew EC9865.M

    2 959.00

    Create your own hot and cold coffee with the De’Longhi La Specialista Maestro.

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  • DeLonghi ECAM 350.55 B Dinamica

    2 855.15
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  • DeLonghi ESAM 420.80 TB Perfecta EVO

    2 816.90

    DeLonghi specialists have developed another masterpiece. ?The DeLonghi Perfecta EVO automatic coffee machine is simply perfection.

    ?Color display.
    ?Intuitively simple controls.
    ? Pump 19 bar.
    ? Automatic cappuccino system.
    ? Stylish design.
    ? Bluetooth connection with mobile devices.
    ?And a reasonable price.

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  • Eletta Explore ECAM450.65.S

    2 804.15

    Discover new flavors and make your every morning creative with hot coffee, iced coffee and other amazing coffee recipes, our new fully automatic coffee machine is the perfect choice for coffee connoisseurs.

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  • DeLonghi ECAM 350.75 S Dinamica

    2 676.65


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  • Delonghi Dinamica ECAM350.50.B

    2 481.15
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  • DeLonghi ECAM 350.35 W Dinamica

    2 212.00


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  • Delonghi ECAM220.30.SB

    2 019.00
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