How to drink coffee as efficiently as possible

Five rules to help you get the most out of your drink

Many people know that green tea contains much more caffeine – a substance that makes us cheer up – than in coffee. And yet most people start the morning with coffee, rejoicing that he helped wake up, concentrate and prepare for a busy work day. It should be understood that coffee is not always able to help, and it’s our fault with you. We talk about how to get the maximum effect from it and not spoil your health.

Waking up, wait at least 15 minutes before drinking the first cup of coffee

Remember, every time you wake up (no matter how many hours you’ve been lying in bed), you’re intolerably wanting to sleep a little more. This state, which is called the “inertia of sleep,” usually lasts for 15 minutes. So, if at this time you drink your first cup of coffee, then it is likely that you will not feel the effect from it, so you will reach for the second cup. Well, a lot of caffeine, as we know, does not lead to anything good in the long run.

Take breaks between coffee receptions

Drinking a few cups of coffee in a row is useless. The fact that caffeine in order to act on your body needs some time. The maximum effect from it comes, approximately, in half an hour after use.

Do not abuse

A four-hundred-pound cup of coffee contains about two hundred milligrams of caffeine. We know that this figure does not tell you much, but believe that this dose to your body is more than enough. The fact is, this amount of caffeine allows the average body to reach peak performance levels, which means that subsequent cups of coffee will not change anything. Unless in due course will add otdyshki, fussiness and will cause accustoming.

The time that your body will experience a surge of energy from one cup is about two hours. After this you can brew another cup.

Surprise your body

When coffee is registered in your diet as a regular, the effect of caffeine begins to tend to zero. The organism perceives the morning cup of coffee as something self-evident and is no longer activated when it is used. In this case, you will not feel any effect of caffeine. How to be? Refuse coffee at breakfast, lunch and dinner and drink it only when you really need to cheer up. And in this case the effect of caffeine will be simply fantastic. Under his influence, it will be easier for you to concentrate and concentrate. This will also help sharpen your feelings and even improve your memory.

Do not overdo it with sources of caffeine

As you know, caffeine is found not only in coffee. In other drinks, its concentration is even greater. Take at least the same green tea, not to mention the cola and various energetics. So, if you constantly drink energy drinks or you do not have time to cool down a small teapot with pueer on your desktop, then be sure that your body will not feel the tonic effect of coffee. As they say, everything is good in moderation, and caffeine is no exception.

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