How to store coffee

Stop the process of losing freshness is almost impossible, you can only slow it down. If you buy fresh coffee and quickly drink it, the taste of the drink changes slightly. However, there are some tips that will help prolong the life of coffee.

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Keep coffee in a sealed package.
If the packaging can be resealed, make sure it is sealed tightly. Otherwise, pour the grains into an airtight container, for example a plastic box with a lid or a special container for storing coffee.
Keep coffee in a dark place.
In the light, under the influence of direct sunlight, coffee quickly exhales. If you store the grains in a transparent container, put it in a cardboard box.
Do not store coffee in the refrigerator.
This is a common practice, but it does not prolong the life of coffee. Moreover, its aroma is mixed with the smells of other products.
Do not expose to moisture.
If you do not have the opportunity to store the grains in an airtight container, then at least do not keep it in conditions of high humidity.

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