Bravilor Bonamat Novo

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Bravilor Bonamat drip coffee machines: fresh coffee every day!

The Novo filter coffee machine will quickly prepare filtered coffee in a glass jug. The Bravilor jug ​​is specifically designed to preserve the aroma of coffee.

The pouring coffee machine is used at catering and trade enterprises for the preparation of filtered coffee. The model is equipped with a coffee system and 2 self-regulating bottom heating plates that maintain the optimum coffee temperature. The case is made of high quality stainless steel, the black parts are made of synthetic materials.
The delivery includes a glass carafe and a plastic filter holder.


Novo does not require a water connection.
Manual filling with water.
Delicious fresh coffee.
Reliable and presentable appearance of the coffee machine.
Equipped with the signal “coffee is ready.”
Coffee of stable quality: self-regulating heating plates set the temperature corresponding to the amount of coffee in the jug.
Ease of use, ease of maintenance and care.
Type of coffee: ground.
Servings Per Container: 1 Pitcher = 12 Cups.
1 carafe included.
The volume of one decanter: 1.7 l.
Productivity: 18 l / h (144 cups).
Cooking time for 1 decanter: 5 min.
Case material: metal.
Color: black, stainless steel.
Country of origin: Netherlands.
The power consumption of the coffee maker is 230V-50 / 60Hz.
Power: 2130 watts.
Width: 214 mm.
Depth: 391 mm.
Height: 424 mm.
Weight: 4.83 kg.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 50 × 44 × 48 cm
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