Saeco Incanto De Luxe



The ideal solution for offices and the HORECA segment

This coffee machine makes a drink only from coffee beans, ground coffee cannot be loaded into it. A small dialogue display located on the front panel of the device prompts the necessary actions with icons. Management is carried out using buttons.

The built-in coffee grinder has 8 steps for adjusting the grinding quality: from very small to large. The degree of grinding can only be adjusted when the coffee grinder is running.

Special SBS technology (Saeco Brewing System) changes the coffee strength by adjusting the pressure in the central device. The higher the pressure, the stronger the drink. This system allows you to prepare drinks of various strengths without changing other parameters of preparation (quality of grinding and the amount of ground coffee per serving).

Adjustable coffee dispenser allows you to use the cup in height up to 140 mm. In one cycle, you can make two cups of coffee at the same time. In the upper part of the body is a stand for cups (without heating). The amount of water per serving is manually adjusted. A cappuccino is made using a steam pipe and the patented Panarello nozzle. A 1/3 cup of milk is placed under the tube, then the steam mode is activated. Then, rotating the cup, milk is whipped. Espresso is poured into a cup with milk foam. Also, using this machine you can cook boiling water (for example, for tea or hot chocolate).

There is no special program for cleaning the machine. The machine body is cleaned with a soft cloth. Once a week, you must remove the central unit and rinse it under a stream of cold water. If necessary (approximately every 2 months) descaling is carried out. Any household, non-toxic descaler is used. It is strictly forbidden to use products containing vinegar, as they can damage the machine. To clean the Panarello nozzle, remove it and rinse it under running water.

The swivel base makes it easy to get to all parts of the machine.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 375 × 285 × 400 cm
Country of origin



Office, HoReCa

Auto Power Off


Automatic preparation of cappuccino


Body material



Stainless steel

Container capacity for coffee beans, g


Capacity for water


Capuccino system


Coffee preparation knot


Color of coffeemachine


Possibility to cook from grains


Possibility to cook on ground coffee


Simultaneous preparation of the two cups of coffee


(Русский) Предварительное смачивание


Pump pressure, bar


Programming of water volume


Power Saving Mode


Selecting the temperature of the drink


Serving counter


Adjusting the size of the coffee tab per serving, g


Waste container capacity, portions


Hot water and steam pipe

with a nozzle


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