Knock-box Barista



A knock box is an irreplaceable thing in every cafe or bar where professionals make coffee.

Knock box Knock box box or box with a rubber or wooden bar. It is used to knock out used Coffee from a portafilter.

Knock-box – a device for collecting waste coffee, simply put – a trash of coffee waste. This is called so because in order to shake out Coffee from the holder, they need to knock on the knock box. Therefore, the edges of the knock-box should be with a shock-absorbing pad so as not to damage the Holder.

Why do you need a knock box? A knock box is an indispensable thing in every cafe or bar where professionals prepare coffee. Good knock-outs are determined by excellent external data, impeccable quality, solidity, convenience and ergonomics in the daily work of Barista.

Good knock-outs are thought out for convenient and speedy work. On some models, there are massive bolts with which to fix the crossbar of the knock-box. The same bolts allow you to quickly and conveniently replace it.


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