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De`Longhi ECZ 351.GY is equipped with a new Holder, which uses both ground and tableted coffee. The integrated valve regulates the pressure during the preparation of espresso and provides delicious coffee with cream crema. For lovers of cappuccino and other drinks with milk, De`Longhi ECZ 351.GY is equipped with a “Cappuccino” system, through which foam milk is produced. The pressure and temperature support system makes the cooking process quicker and more pleasant, and the automatic shutdown after 20 minutes saves energy. Control is carried out with the help of a keypad with illumination.Futurism intended to consider the forms of the future – De`Longhi keeps the tradition of cooking quality Italian espresso using the latest modern technology.


Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 242 × 305 × 382 cm
Country of origin




Hot water and steam pipe

with a nozzle

Body material


Capacity for water


Color of coffeemachine


Possibility to cook on ground coffee


Simultaneous preparation of the two cups of coffee


Power consumption, W


Pump pressure, bar


Removable drip tray



Stainless steel

Capuccino system



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